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SOAPing without a Web Server

ATL Server is a new set of classes in ATL for creating Web Applications and Web Services. These Web Services are completely compatible with clients written in C++, C#, VB and other tools that can call a Web Service through SOAP. The Web Service support in ATL Server only supports invocation over an HTTP tranport for this version, however like the rest of ATL, ATL Server is designed to be very flexible. You may wish to create Web Services which can be called over other transport mechanisms, such as TCP/IP, and this article will help explain how you would go about changing the default transport ATL Server supports for Web Services. Two examples are included, one implementing a Web Service which can be called over TCP/IP and another sample which uses a Floppy Disk for the transport

This article shows how to separate the SOAP support offered by ATL Server from the ISAPI framework, allowing use of ATL Server to build SOAP servers and clients over virtually any communication channel.

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