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A guide to OODMS
Tis article explores Object Oriented Database Management Systems.
by: deedat hussain
5 Things that are not known about JDBC
JDBC, or Java™ Database Connectivity, is one of the most frequently used packages in the entire JDK, and yet few Java developers use it to its fullest — or most up-to-date — capacity. Ted Neward offers an introduction to newer JDBC features like ResultSet
by: deedat hussain
Combining Table per Heirarchy and entity splitting methods
The post shows how to combine Table Per Hierarchy and Entity Splitting methods
by: meena ahmad
How to avoid select N+1 pitfall in Entity Framework
This post will introduce the select N+1 pitfall and explain how to avoid it in Entity Framework.
by: meena ahmad
an easy way to retrieve the trigger definition!
I ran into this strange situation where I wanted to get Trigger Definition(the SQL content) of a specific trigger from a database.
by: meena ahmad
MS DataGrid control: how you can use it with ADO
Use the MS DataGrid control in your C++ app with ADO
by: wilferd green
Make a database offline or online
Database is made offline to move its physical files. There can be many ways to make a database offline. But there are three main methods which are used frequently to make the database offline.
by: Faheem Habib
Re-Indexing all tables of a Database
In this post we will show you how you can re-index all tables of your Database.
by: Faheem Habib

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