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A .NET implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm
A .NET implementation of Dijkstra’s for finding the minimum distance path between two nodes in a connected, undirected graph.
by: mechanical ali
AlphaNumeric Increment
AlphaNumeric series Increment
by: mechanical ali
CRC32 based checksum for a file
How to generate a CRC32 based on a file
by: mechanical ali
Searching Words in Text Files
This program is to search for words on text files
by: mechanical ali
ASCII to Binary Convertor
Convert ASCII text to binary and back.
by: mechanical ali
Hex String to Integer Conversion
Convert a string containing a hex value to an integer
by: mechanical ali
code page Convertor
A simple tool that converts ANSI string to Unicode using a code page you select.
by: mechanical ali
StringBuilder Class in C++
An atricle introducing a StringBuilder class written in C++
by: mechanical ali
Searching and replacing strings in a text file
A simple Java toy program for searching and replacing strings in a text file.
by: zarmeena shah
Implementing Natural Sort Comparer
An implementation of a Natural Sort Comparer
by: zarmeena shah

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